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Title of Activity

     Kharkiv Municipal Energy Upgrades

Project Implementor

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology (ARENA-ECO)


901 D Str., S.w., Suite 900, Washington, DC, 20024-2115 USA
Tel. (202) 646-7865
Fax. (202) 646-5233 (7824)
1, Laboratorny Str., 01133, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. (38 044) 268-8088
Fax. (38 044) 268-8451
E-mail: arena@arena.viaduk.net

Contact Person
Ms. Meredydd Evans m.evans@pnl.gov
Mr. Volodimir Deriy arena@arena.viaduk.net
Project Host

Kharkiv Oblast State Administration


State Committee of Ukraine for Energy Conservation


Kharkiv Oblast State Administration
5, Sq. Svobody, Kharkiv, 301200
Tel. (38 0572) 43-2105
Fax: (38 0572) 43-2201
11, Dobrokhotova Str., Kharkiv, 310037, Ukraine
Tel. (38 0572) 26-2131
Fax. (38 0572) 27-7900
State Committee
1, Gonty Str., Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
Tel./Fax (38 044) 455-5710

Contact Person

Kharkiv Oblast State Administration
Mr. Oleg Dyomin
Mr. Georgiy Sergeev hte@kharkov.com
State Committee
Mr. Victor Merkushov

Funding Agency

U.s. Department of Energy

World Bank


US Department of Energy
Headquarters Forrestal Building 1000 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20585
World Bank
2, Lysenko Str., Kyiv, 01034, Ukraine
Tel. (38 044) 490-6671/2/3
Fax. (38 044) 490-6670

Contact Person

US Department of Energy
Mr. Brian Castelli brian.castelli@hg.doe.gov

Tel. (202) 586-9220
Fax. (202) 586-9260
World Bank
Mr. Alexei Slenzak aslenzak@worldbank.org

Amount of Funding


Period of Performance


Types of Activities

  • Installation of six stream turbines with the total capacity 84 MW
  • Replacement of 50 km of worn-out transmission pipeline
  • Replacement of 200 km of distribution pipeline with pre-insulated pipeline
  • Replacement of old and low-efficient boilers with efficiency 92%
  • Installation of 3870 individual heat substations
  • Enterprise "Kharkivteploenergo"
  • Enterprise "Kharkiv District Heating System"

Summary Description

DOE has completed а preliminary feasibility study of efficiency and turbine upgrades in the Kharkiv heating and power systems

Strategic Objective

The project will involved installation of upgraded turbine from Turboatom, boilers, controls, piping and insulation


  • Arena-eco collected and analyzed data from "Kharkivteploenergo" and "Kharkiv district heating networks"
    • The technical characteristics of 378 boiler houses and 458 boilers in these boiler houses
    • Technical characteristics of main and distribution networks, that have to be reconstructed
    • Fuel consumption data
    • Heat generation and emissions relating to these boiler houses
    • Heat load of the system
    • Technical specifications and performance of project components including turbines and gas distribution
    • Financial state of these enterprises
  • Projects with alternative financing have been identified
  • Estimated total investments - $173 mln

Reports / Docs

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Kharkiv District Heating System / Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. - 1998. (English, Russian).
  • Report on the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Financing Program, July - September 2000
  • Special Update on Doeъs Industrial Energy Efficiency Program in Ukraine