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Title of Activity
     Coal Bed Methane Development and Emissions Mitigation

Project Implementor

Partners in Energy and Environmental Reform (PEER)


Contact Person
Mr. Jerry Triplett
Tel. (38 044) 246 -4347
Mr. Alexander Filippov
Tel. (38 044) 246 -4347
Project Host
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine


Contact Person

Tel./Fax (38 044) 228-2660

Funding Agency


CBM Outreach Program


U.s. Environmental Protection Agency Coalbed Methane Outreach Program
501 3rd Str., Nw,washington, DC 20001
Tel. (202) 564-9481

Fax. (202) 565-2077

Contact Person

Mr. Karl Schultz schultz.karl@epa.gov
Mr. Clark Talkington

Amount of Funding

Period of Performance

September, 2003

Types of Activities

  • Project Based Analysis And Environmental Policy Guidance
  • CMM Emissions Inventory
  • Development Of Comprehensive Handbook For Expanding Mine Related CBM Projects In Donbass
  • Information Exchange And Collaboration With US EPA CBM Outreach Program
  • Development Of Methodologies For Monitoring And Verification Of Emissions Reduction
  • Business Plans For Ukrainian Mines CMM Development And Utilization Projects
Government of Ukraine

Summary Description

Support of Ukraineъs extensive coalbed methane resources development through evaluations of the environmental impacts of reducing coal mine methane emissions and the provision of information on project opportunities

Strategic Objective

The objectives of the program are focused on development and promotion of coal bed methane industry of Ukraine. It will be done through:

  • Carbon mitigation and environmental impacts analysis
  • Providing research on U.s. and other environmental permitting models for the Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine
  • Development of improved CBM inventory of Ukraine
  • Development of methodologies for monitoring and verification of emissions reduction on project level
  • Development of а handbook on most prospective gassy mines of Donetsk basin and spreading it among potential investors in order to attract investments to CBM industry
  • Assistance in performing financial analysis of CBM projects and development of business plans


  • Inventory of Methane Emissions from Ukrainian Coal Mines has been completed and published (1990-1999; 1990-2000)
  • A handbook titled "Coal Mine Methane in Ukraine: Opportunities for Production and Investment in the Donetsk Coal Basin" has been developed
  • Business plans for methane extraction and utilization projects were developed for two mines of Donetsk coal basin

Reports / Docs

  • Protocol Of Understanding US Epa/ministry Of Ecology And Natural Resources/ Alternative Fuels Center
  • Quarterly Reports To The US EPA
  • Inventory of methane Emissions from Coal Mines in Ukraine: 1990-1999
  • Inventory of methane Emissions from Coal Mines in Ukraine: 1990-2000
  • "Coal Mine Methane in Ukraine: Opportunities for Production and Investment in the Donetsk Coal Basin"
  • Business Plans For Ukrainian Coal Mines