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Please select the Ukrainian Organization which supports the Climate Change programs

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

This Ministry is the main coordinator of all Climate Change programs in Ukraine
Minister: Mr. Serhiy Kurykin
Address: 5, Khreschatik Str., Kyiv, 01601
E-mail: secr@menr.gov.ua
Tel. (38 044) 226-2428
Fax. (38 044) 229-8383

Ministry of Fuel and Energy

This ministryъs companies are the main source of contamination of an environment and GHGE. For the detail information you can visit the Internet address of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy
Minister: Mr. Vitaliy Gaiduk
Address: 34, Khreschatik Str., Kyiv, 02008

State Committee for Energy Conservation

State Committee supports the information-analytical and engineering activities in the field of energy conservation, energy efficiency and climate change.
Head of Committee: Mr. Yuriy Shulga
Address: 1, Gonty Str., 04112, Kiev, Ukraine
E-mail: cenef@elan-ua.net
Tel. (38 044) 458-47-49
Fax. (38 044) 458-47-48

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