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Please select the Ukrainian Organization which supports the Climate Change programs

Kyiv City State Administration

One of the major targets of the local state representatives is support of enterprising. A further development of Kyiv as the financial and administrative centre of Ukraine requires involvement of additional means of native and foreign investors. Kyiv Municipal State Administration co-operates actively with the largest international investment banks, including Chase Manhattan, CS First Boston, Goldman Sach, ING Barings, Investment Bank Austria, J.p.morgan, Salomon Brothers Inc., West Merchant Bank

Kharkiv Oblast State Administration

Kharkiv is the second largest (over 1.5 million residents) and the most important Ukrainian city as regards its industrial and scientific potential. Major transportation arteries joining large industrial centres in Russia and Ukraine pass through the city. Kharkiv City and oblast authorities will set up most preferential terms for interested investors, prospective participants in the preparation and implementation of the project