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February 14-16, 2003 – International Exhibition and Congress "Erneuerbare Energien 2003" ("Renewable Energy 2003")
Location -
CCB Congresscentrum Boeblingen, Boeblingen, Germany
Summary - The special topics ALTBAUTAGE (energy-efficient reconstruction), BIOENERGY (wood energy, biogas, vegetable oil), CLEAN ENERGY POWER (Cogeneration Plants (CHP), hydropower, geothermics), CLEAN ENERGY SOLUTION CENTER (contracting, yield and quality control, heating market, marketing, export and business promotion), INTERSUN (photovoltaics, solar thermics, solar-friendly building), INTERWIND (wind energy), PASSIVHAUS (low energy construction) cover the entire range of renewable energy sources as well as energy-efficient building and reconstruction.
Contact - erneuerbare energien Kommunikations- und Informationsservice GMBH; Tel.: 0099-(0) 7121-3016-0; Fax: 0049-(0) 7121-3016-100; redaktion@energie-server.de, www.energy-server.de

MARCH 2003

March 2-4, 2003 - International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Conference
Location - Sheraton Brussels in Brussels, Belgium
Summary -Industry experts will provide various perspectives on the greenhouse gas markets, risk management, industry case studies and GHG business opportunities. The International GHG Emissions Trading Conference also features the preconference course, Et101 - Introduction to Emissions Trading (tm). Experienced emissions traders, as well as those just entering the industry, will benefit from this hands-on and interactive educational course.
Contact - Information on the International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Conference including the conference program, registration form, hotel information and exhibitor information as well as detailed information on ET 101, are posted on the EMA website at www.emissions.org

March 21-23, 2003 – The Environment & Energy Conference (EECO 2003)
Location -
Toronto, Canada.
Summary - EECO 2003 is the only conference in the Great Lakes Economic Region designed to enable cross-border economic and environmental dialogue through integration of public policy, business strategies and capital flows. Comprised of а unique blend of activities and events, EECO provides а forum where...

  • key trade and environment issues are identified;
  • cross-border environmental and clean energy policy is debated;
  • new partnerships and ideas are facilitated;
  • the needs of environmental purchasers and suppliers are matched;
  • the format and impact of new policy tools and incentives are tested; and
  • innovation and best practices are profiled.

Contact - Nancy Wright
tel: 1-800-274-6097
Internet: www.eeco2003.com/

MAY 2003

May 21-23, 2003 - Atmosphere/climate. Ecology. Energy. Environmental Chemistry. GIS & Remote Sensing. Global Change Policy. Hazards. Human Dimensions. Hydrology/oceanography.
Location -
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto Ontario, Canada
Contact - Nancy Wright. 504-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, V6c 3E1, Canada
tel: (800) 274-6097 Fax: (604) 666-8123
e-mail: nancy.wright@globe.ca

May 22-24, 2003 – International Conference on Energy and the Environment (ICEE)
Location -
Shanghai, China
Summary - This conference aims to provide an international forum for the discussion of clean city energy and related topics.
Contact - Daoping Liu
tel: +86-21-6568-9564,
Internet: www.gwu.edu/~eem/ICEE/firstpagenew.php

May 27-30, 2003 – The Fourteenth Global Warming International Conference & Expo (GWXIV)
Location -
Boston, MA
Summary - The Conference will be called Extreme Events & Energy, Agricultural and Natural Resource Management. The Conference will be attended by government, industry, and academic participants from 120 countries, and will focus on scientific data and policy analysis. The subject categories include, among others, U.s. Role in Future Climate Mitigation, El Nino-like Climate Change, Floods & Drought, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Regions Emergency Preparedness, Coral Reefs, Climate Networks (Ocean, Polar Region, Forests), Climate Change and Fire Impacts on Forestry, Education, the Role of the Media, Infectious Disease, and Global Warming and Public Health.
Contact - the Global Warming International
tel: (630) 910-1551
Internet: www.globalwarming.net/

JUNE 2003

June 4-6, 2003 - International conference, CIB meeting and exhibition
Location -
Gyor, Hungary
Summary - Climate changes scenarios and weather data
- Energy efficiency directives and application experiences
- Energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and waste heat, meeting the nationwide agreements
- Climate conscious building design, refurbishment, regulations, building structures and costs
- Public Sector Energy Efficiency
- Opportunities to increase efficiency of production, transmission, and end-uses in different sectors
- Environmental effects of energy management, emission trading
- Energy markets, effects of deregulation, price structures, taxes, experiences and predicted changes
- Opportunities to finance energy efficiency upgrades (operation of ESCO models and its experiences)
- Programs of international and national energy foundations, professional societies and consumer advocacy groups
Contact - Congress Kft.
tel.: +36 1 212 0056
fax: +36 1 356 6581
e-mail: hladics.orsolya@congress.hu
Press to download Invitation (329 kb)

June 14-19, 2003 – ISES World Congress 2003
Location -
The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Goteborg, Sweden
Summary - A Scientific Technical Congress will give leading scientists, researchers, architects, engineers, and industry representatives an opportunity to meet, present, and discuss the latest developments in the field of solar and other renewable energy technologies. An Exhibition will give leading companies in the field of renewables the opportunity to present their products. Technical Tours will take the participants to а number of interesting energy installations in Sweden.
Contact - Dr. Jan-olof Dalenbock General Secretary, ISES 2003 World Congress – Secretariat, c/o Building Services Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Se-41296 Goteborg, Sweden
fax: +46.31.772.1152),
Internet: www.hvac.chalmers.se/seas/congress.php

JUNE 2003

July 16-18, 2003 Intenational conference on The Impact of Global Environmental Problems on continental and Costal Marine Waters
Location - Geneva, Switzerland
Summary - The propose of the conference is to provide а forum for the presentation of original research and scientific overviews on major global environmental issue that impact directly or indirectly continental and coastal marine waters. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of water resources, water related risk and impact on aquatic habitant are major targets.
Contact - Ms. Jenny Walker, e-mail: morawel@tinyworld.co.uk
Internet: www.unige.ch/sciences/near/


September 14-19, 2003 - 3rd International Methane and Nitrous Oxide Mitigation Conference
Location – Beijing, China
Summary - The conference will have detailed discussions on important sources of methane and nitrous oxide, including landfills and sewage management, natural gas and oil systems, coal mining, and agriculture. Attendees will participate in source-specific discussions on characterizing emission sources, using proven and innovative technologies to reduce emissions, and overcoming the barriers to project development. Cross-cutting themes, such as monitoring and verification procedures, the economics of mitigation, and multi-gas/multi-source analyses will be featured throughout the conference. Participation of international experts will help establish а global picture of the potential for expanded methane and nitrous oxide mitigation.
Contact – Mr. Clark Talkington at talkington.clark@epa.gov or +1.202.564.8969 or Ms. Liu Xin at cbmc@public.bta.net.cn or +86.10.8461.2010
http://www.ergweb.com/methane_china/ (English)