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Canada-ukraine Climate Change Program

The Canadian Program on climate change in Ukraine, administered by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, was launched in June 1999.
It is targeted on enhancing Ukraineъs capacities to manage environmental protection issues and thus improving countryъs transition to market economy.
The Programъs current focus is on assisting Ukraine in developing its National Climate Change Strategy, appropriate management structure as well as policy and legal framework for climate change related activities.

Peter Melnychuk
Cida/ipac Program Manager

36/7 Shovkovichna St., suite 1
01024, Ukraine
tel.: (380 44) 253-87-76, 253-20-36
tax: (380 44) 254-00-84
E-mail: pmelnychuk@ipac.kiev.ua

Iryna Trofimova
Technical Adviser
E-mail: itrofimova@ipac.kiev.ua

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