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The government of Canada and the government of Ukraine –
hereinafter referred to as the “Parties” –

keeping in mind the need to preserve and improve the environment for this and future generations, and the importance of sustainable development;

adhering to the principles and statements of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, ratified by both parties,  as well as of the Kyoto Protocol of 1997;

recognizing that cooperation on climate change issues, including joint activities, could become instrumental in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions on а global scale, and have а positive impact on community, social and economic development;

have reached the following understanding:

1. The Parties intend to facilitate cooperation on climate change, and pursue joint projects that reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, in accordance with Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol, and the First Conference of the Parties (COP 1) Decision 5/CP.1 on activities implemented jointly, by encouraging market-oriented greenhouse gas mitigation technologies, including energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, as well as the exchange of information on national programs.

2. The Parties envisage the following activities under the Memorandum:

2.1 Interaction between the national offices for joint implementation of each Party;

2.2 Exchange of information on project criteria, performance indicators, and procedures for joint activities, based on the priorities of the national programs on climate change;

2.3 Exchange of information on methodologies and mechanisms for determining emission baselines, for monitoring and external verification of net greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and for tracking and allocating these reductions, consistent with the project selection criteria developed by the national programs for joint implementation;

2.4 Promotion of joint activities and other activities that encourage sustainable development and greenhouse gas mitigation, among the private and public sectors and Ngos, by disseminating information of the Parties’ national criteria for joint activities, and providing technical assistance through workshops, training programs, conferences and information networks;

2.5 Support, at international fora, for joint projects aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions;

2.6 Interaction and exchange of information in the areas of climate system observation, climate behavior forecasting, vulnerability and adaptation options, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies.

3. Activities and projects to be implemented under this Memorandum should aim to:

3.1 Facilitate private sector investment in joint activities that reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainable development;

3.2 Provide information concerning additional sources of project funding and the policy framework needed to facilitate the access to such funding sources;

3.3 Facilitate the exchange of information concerning business agreements, joint ventures, and licensing agreements, among companies in the Parties’ countries;

4. The Parties agree that, in the event that any activity involves access to and the sharing or transfer of technology that is subject to parents or other intellectual property rights, such access and sharing or transfer should be provided on terms which recognize and are consistent with the adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights.

5. This Memorandum is effective for five years. It becomes effective on the date of signing and remains in effect for the next five years, unless one of the Parties notifies the other Party of its intention to terminate it, at least six months in advance.

6. The Parties will consult regularly on the progress of projects and other activities that occur under this memorandum.

Concluded in Kyiv, on January “28", 1999 in two copies, in English, French and Ukrainian languages, texts in all three languages being valid.

On behalf of the
Government of Canada

On behalf of the
Government of Ukraine