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The Climate Change Initiative

The Climate Change Initiative established а project management and information center in Kyiv. The CCI Center provides information and links to international climate change programs and organizations. The CCI Center maintains а database of all climate change activities in Ukraine. The CCI focused on institutional strengthening, development of climate change policy, investment in GHG mitigation projects, and increased involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGO) and industry in climate change activities.

The Climate Change Initiative facilitates international cooperation with Ukraine under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and focuses on:

  • Establishment of an Administrative Structure to Manage Ukraine’s Climate Change Programs
  • Development of Technical Methods to Conduct Ukraine’s GHG Inventory
  • Investment Project Preparation
  • Raising Public Awareness about Global Climate Change
  • Building Capacity through Training Programs

Establishment of an Administrative Structure to Manage Ukraine’s Climate Change Programs.
In order to participate in the UNFCCC and take full advantage of investment opportunities in GHG emissions reductions, Ukraine needs an administrative structure and authorized bodies to conduct inventories, approve projects and certify emissions reductions. The CCI is helping Ukraine to analyze options and develop recommendations for а structure that would enable Ukraine to participate in international mechanisms under the Convention. The CCI assist Ukraine in meeting UNFCCC requirements and supports Ukrainian participation in international fora.

Development of Technical Methods to Conduct Ukraine’s GHG Inventory.
The CCI is assisting Ukraine in adopting internationally recognized methodologies needed to implement its national program, including an emissions inventory, and in monitoring and evaluating emissions reductions. The CCI provides training for Ukrainian experts in “Good practices” approved by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The CCI also is assisting Ukraine in conducting its inventory of GHG emissions from the energy sector.

Investment Project Preparation.
Participation in the UNFCCC paves the way for Ukraine to attract international investments in GHG emissions reductions. The CCI is helping Ukraine to identify viable investment projects and develop business plans, especially at power plants, district heating facilities, industrial enterprises and coal mines. The CCI maintains а database of potential investment projects and provides assistance to Ukrainian project developers.

Raising Public Awareness about Global Climate Change.
The CCI distributes а monthly newsletter of Ukrainian and international climate change news. The newsletters are posted on the CCI web-site along with а calendar of events, а description of climate change activities in Ukraine, contact information for individuals working on climate change in Ukraine, and other related documents.
In cooperation with Ngos and industry, the CCI is raising awareness among Ukrainians about the causes and consequences of global climate change. The CCI is building national consensus for action through its web-site, TV and radio programs, and the distribution of printed materials.

Building Capacity through Training Programs. The CCI conducts workshops, seminars and training courses for government officials, Ngos, enterprise managers and climate change specialists.
Training topics include:

  • Basics of Climate Change
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Climate Change Transactions
  • GHG Emissions Inventory
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Verification and Certification of GHG Emissions Reductions
  • Project-level GHG Baseline Determination
  • Project Preparation and Financing
  • Carbon Sequestration by Forestry and Agriculture

The CCI cooperated with Ukrainian officials and experts in conducting а training needs assessment and in developing а training strategy.

To provide suggestions on activities and to receive information on the Climate Change Initiative in Ukraine, please contact us at the