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Us-ukraine Climate Change Initiative

In December 1999 in Kyiv, the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) opened а Center, managed by PA Government Services Inc.
The Centerъs activities are aimed at strengthening institutions to administer Ukraineъs national climate change program, assisting with methodologies for program implementation, training Ukrainian experts in climate change project development, stimulating investments in greenhouse gas emissions reduction, as well as raising overall awareness of the public on global climate change.

Natalia Kulichenko
Program Manager

24/7, Instytutska Str., Suite 4. Kyiv, 01021, Ukraine
Tel. (38 044) 253-07-08, 253-76-63, 253-51-77
Fax: (38 044) 253-50-68
E-mail: nkulichenko@climate.org.ua

Natalya Parasyuk
Technical Director
E-mail: nparasyuk@climate.org.ua

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