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Investment Projects for GHG Mitigation in Ukraine

At the present time Ukraine is starved of investment capital for urgently needed modernization of the economy, and the country is also dependent on imports to meet most of its primary energy requirements. If Ukraine ratifies the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol, the financing mechanisms employed in the Protocol would bring new investment sources to the country. These investments will benefit the Ukraine economy with reduced GHG emissions, energy waste and energy imports, and increased economic productivity.

The CCI Center maintains а database of potential GHG mitigation projects. The objective is to help find domestic and foreign financing for the most promising ones. These investment projects may be suitable for Joint Implementation (JI) with parties in other industrialized countries.

Projects implemented jointly should bring about real, measurable, and long-term environmental benefits related to the mitigation of climate change. They should also be consistent with national priorities, provide local social, economic, and environmental benefits, and have а credible financial and management structure for implementation (Kyoto Protocol, article 6). Based on these general principles, the following preliminary criteria have been elaborated by CCI to provide а basis for screening potential investment projects.

Preliminary Screening Criteria:

Proof of Proposed Reductions in GHG

Reductions must be shown in the differences between (1) а Baseline or Reference Scenario in which emissions continue at а certain level and (2) а second Project Scenario in which GHG reductions occur as а result of project implementation and abatement.


Availability of methods to measure energy savings and GHG reductions (approved by an expert opinion)

Reductions Timeframe

Continuous GHG reductions for at least 10 years after the project completion

Consistency with National Priorities

Energy efficiency, coal bed methane, and other projects listed as GOU priorities in National legislation, Presidential Decrees, and Cabinet of Ministers Orders


Evidence of reduced emissions of criteria pollutants (So2, Nox, TSP), cost savings, employment and improved quality of life: reported or supported by local administration

Credible Parties

Profitable or financially sound enterprise; local or national government agencies with taxing authority; ownership of facility; industry experience.

The following database includes some energy sector investment projects, which meet the preliminary screening criteria and are at an early or pre-intermediate stage of development. Interested parties may contact the project proponents directly or Anatoliy Bobrovitsky at the CCI Center in Kiev at abobrovitsky@climate.org.ua.

Vinnitsia District Heating Project

Ukraine Energy Star* Refrigerators (Regional)

“Skochinsky” Mine Methane Capture and Utilization

“Komsomolets-donbassa” Mine Methane Capture

Donetsk Wind Energy Project

Dniprodzerzhinsk Commercial Energy Efficiency

“Bagleykoks” Coke-oven Gas Utilization

NORD Manufacturing Cogeneration Project

“Zolotonoshmiaso” Cogeneration System

Kachanov Associated Gas Capture and Utilization

Heat-recovery Boilers and Steam Turbine Installation at Kc-33 Hrebinkivska Gas Compressor Station (Urgenoi-uzhgorod Pipeline)

Rivneazot CO2 Capture and Process Upgrade

Ostrogvodokanal Municipal Sewage Treatment and Methane Production for Heat Generation

Increase in Carbon Sequestration Due to Afforestation Activities

Illichivsk district of Mariupol District Heating System Modernization

GHG Emission Reduction at the CSC ’’kramatorskiy Pivzavod”

Co-generation and GHG Reduction at Dniproshina Tire Plant

Wood Waste Utilization for Heating in the Ivano-frankivsk Oblast

Some investment projects from ARENA-ECO pipeline.

Interested parties may contact the project proponents directly or ARENA-ECO at e-mail arena@arena-eco.kiev.ua

Setting up а unit for heat carrier preparation (deaeration plant and equipment for water treatment) at Ordzhonikidze heating district #1 of Mariupol city

Installing а co-generation equipment at the boiler plant at Fedъkovich Str.

Installation of automated temperature controllers in heating systems of Ivano-frankivsk budget institutions

Energy efficiency improvements of heating systems in schools of Dniprodzerzhynsk left-bank region

Implementation of energy saving solutions in the exterior lighting systems in the city of Zaporizhzhya

Upgrades to the lighting and heat supply system of Mariupol city hospital #2